2020… dream now, travel later

Well… 2020 has been quite a year! Who would have thought? You can still dream now and travel later.

We have been very busy since we re-opened in July and we are so grateful for all the lovely people who have come to stay with us. Tracey has been working extra hard getting our cottages looking spotlessly clean and lovely for each and every new guest. Philip has also been tested keeping up with the growing season. Rain, sunshine, more rain and then more sunshine certainly keeping him on his toes. If you happen to see either of them please say hello.

We are missing our overseas visitors. If you are reading this from anywhere other than the UK rest assured we, and the beauty of Skye, will still be here when it is right for you to come here again. Our calendars are open for next year already and we are also open over the coming winter months so feel free to have a look. It’s great to have something to look forward to! … Dream now….. travel later!