Some things to do in Elgol and nearby… Stay a while, see more!

Down at the harbour One of the first things you really must do once you have reached the little hamlet of Elgol is take a trip down to the harbour. The view there is, arguably, one of the best you will find anywhere on the… Read More

Great food and the best places to eat in Elgol

Whilst here in Elgol we are in quite a remote location we do have some great places to visit if you are into your food. Quite literally on our doorstep, The Coruisk House Hotel is a must try whilst you stay with us. You will… Read More

2020… dream now, travel later

Well… 2020 has been quite a year! Who would have thought? You can still dream now and travel later. We have been very busy since we re-opened in July and we are so grateful for all the lovely people who have come to stay with… Read More

A new look at Tigh Lachie

So after totally redecorating Tigh Lachie in October we wanted to give it a different look with new curtains, cushions, a new unit to replace the book case, a new light (we think it’s quite funky) and fresh new white bed linen. We got a… Read More


Are you getting married on the Isle of Skye?

For what is arguably one of the most important holidays of your life, Mary’s Thatched Cottages offer everything you could possibly want for a romantic honeymoon in the heart of a beautiful wilderness Beneath the thatched roof you will find underfloor heating and an old… Read More

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