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Our four thatched self-catering cottages offer a unique and luxurious experience all set to the backdrop of the stunning Highland scenery Elgol has to offer.
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My name is Marc Smith. I built the website you are on right now with my wife, Ailsa. I also take a lot of the photos you see on the site and on the Facebook page. I also made the video on the homepage. That’s my main gig. Video production. So when Mary and Drew asked me to take a ride in a helicopter to take some aerial shots of the thatched cottages I jumped at the chance. I mean, it would be like the end of Skyfall right?

When I was up in the helicopter I didn’t know exactly how I was going to edit the footage. I never do really until I see the footage. I know what shots I need but that’s about it. Helen and I both went up. Helen took video footage and I took photos and video.

Once we were safely back on the ground I loaded the footage into my machine and finished another project I was working on.

Later that evening I was sitting on hold waiting for Hostgator support to fix a problem. I had 30 minutes to kill. So instead of flicking through Twitter and Facebook I decided to make a little James Bond video of my own with the footage I got that day.

This is what I ended up sending to Mary & Drew.

Why has it taken so long to be published? Well, you’d better ask Mary about that one!

Don’t worry though future guests, all has been repaired and is ready to welcome you to Mary’s Thatched Cottages on the little less eventful Isle of Skye.

Thanks for reading.

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